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Can you  define the keyboard controls?

Is there an English option?

Genuinely one of the best, smoothest, most interesting metroidvania experience I had.

Couple of things though :

- Some things look like they could or should be accessible, but aren't, in the demo at least. It frustrates me a lot cause it looks like I've missed something important but I'm positive I haven't.

- The medallion of courage feels like an odd artifact. Like, how is being confident allowing you to climb? Like you're less scared of heights???

Overall 10/10 experience, would recommend. Where can I buy/play more?

This game is really great, it hits all of the GBC-check-boxes.

I'm really looking forward to the full game!

Quick question, how much of the full game does this demo cover?

Hi, is there any chance this will still be released in Q2 2023?


We just wrapped up the beta and we're now polishing the gameplay. We are actually introducing some new things even though we should be wrapping up the game hahaha

Our aim at the moment is Q3, more precisely July/August. Thanks a lot for following our work :) 


I see. It would be nice if you could update the release date on steam the month before the month the game is planned to come out as this will allow me to promote the game as an upcoming release for that coming month.

Any chance of an actual GameBoy Color version of this game that I can play on my Analogue Pocket?

Unfortunately, we're only mimicking the Game Boy aesthetic, but the game is actually developed with the Unity game engine. I'm not sure if the Analogue Pocket has standard x64/ARM support, but if it does, it would most likely run as our game is pretty light on resources.

However, if it only runs Game Boy ROMs, then it won't happen. We don't have the technical expertise to do that.

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