Stone panels and more news

Hello explorers! I hope you're all safe. The pandemic has struck harshly in Brazil but luckily for us most of our acquaintances have been safe, and our schedule wasn't affected so far so we're still on track with our plan to release the game on December 2020. If everything goes as planned, we'll finish an alpha version of the whole game by July.

New member!

We'd like to welcome a new member of the team, Rodrigo Passos, who became our new sound designer and composer! He's amazing and we're excited to listen to all the new tunes and sound effects he'll be working  on. Our previous composer, Pati De Carli, is amidst a big career change and won't be able to keep working with us. We wish the best of luck to her in her new career! ❤️

Stone Panels

We've been redesigning some systems in the game to make the collectibles more interesting. We're replacing the Secret Treasure item with Stone Panels, an item that might give a hint about what's going on in the ruins, featuring beautiful art by Lumi. Can you find them all?

Other Stuff

Meanwhile, the game I worked on in my full-time job, Pixel Ripped 1995, has finally released, it's really delightful to watch people having fun with it in streams and let's play videos, especially during these times. Makes me even more excited to finish Raider Kid!

We have also  created a Facebook page, and are looking into a way of easily making automatic crossposts between social media. Be sure to follow us on  Twitter as well!

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the panels sound much more interesting than gold lips, so im all for the change lol. looking forward to the full release, good luck with development!