Final sprint!

Hello explorers!

We've been working on the game little by little every weekend, and most of the work is done. All is left is bug fixing and quality of life/accessibility features, which means we are finally at the very end of development process.

  • Customizable border
  • Steam Achievements
  • Credits Sequence
  • Accessibility options - Screen shake, scrolling speed and input customization
  • Bug fixes

Sadly, it's hard to make an estimate on when the game will release, as part of our team became very busy with other side jobs since October. At this point, it is unlikely that the game will release in 2023, even being practically finished. We apologize for the delay (again) and will get back when we have a release date.

This is the current status of our bug backlog:

  • 3 bugs labeled as "Critical" (which can prevent some players of finishing the game).
  • 20 labeled as "Moderate" (which are not game breaking, but are very noticeable and get in the way of the player's experience).
  • 60 labeled as "Minor" and "Trivial" (which might not be noticed by most users and we don't intend to fix for launching).


In other news, I took Raider Kid to be tested at a Leamington Spa Game Dev Group's "Bring Your Game" night. Thanks to the feedback gathered on that day, I could make level design adjustments that made the experience much smoother! I'm glad I could meet such an awesome gamedev community near home!

This is it for today, see you next time!

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